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*** AudiSRS Charity Fundraising 2010 ***

This year the forum is raising money for the British Lung Foundation, please see We have a target of 2000 and are planning lots of different things to achieve it.

We have set up a just giving page and would be delighted to receive your donations & try to use gift aid also

We will update this page with details regularly



hi Mark,

I may have missed something, who chooses the years charity?

not that the lung charity is not a great cause- my old fella is now wondering around Fiddlers green due to Emphysema or however it is spelt!

Well... to be honest... I did.

Next years choice process may well be different.

Been meaning to post this for a few weeks...

Thanks to the person that has started the ball rolling by making a donation

Sorry I didn't post sooner

That's ok mate, I donated after selling my VAG-Com cable on here, seemed only fair as I have used this resource a lot over the years and like to help out when money allows. Considering there is no charge for this great knowledgebase on here then it's the least I can do to donate to the forums named charity each year.
Shame it's the only one still though

Thanks again

You aren't the only one now.

Once we've counted all we took over the weekend the total will be growing sharply.

Just added a little myslef

Rs6Steve wrote:
Just added a little myslef

Thanks Steve

The total is coming along nicely:

Thanks again

We received some donations over the weekend that have been paid in now. Thanks  

Still some way to go for our year target!

I've added a few quid to the pot, with all the dosh we are spending on ourselves with such expensive toys, how can we not spare a few quid for a good cause  

We've received a few donations in the last week. Thanks

Thanks to all who have helped us raise the total so far. (1,274.42)

We didn't reach our target of 2K for 2010 but the page is still open if anyone wants to make a donation.

I'm going to give this a shameless bump!

The forum charity fundraising effort for 2010/2011 has reached 1,514.42 so far, pretty close to our target of 2,000

The raffle for the AmD Milltek hospitality tickets helped enormously Forum Index -> AudiSRS fundraising
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