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**K04 Nogaro B5 S4 Avant (PFL) for sale soon**

After 4 years of fun, and with the purchase of my RS6, my S4 will be for sale next month. I'd love to keep it as well, but we also have an Impreza WRX Wagon, and my eldest will be driving a small car next year too, no more space on the drive/in the garage.

It's a 1998 car, and here is the Members Cars thread I've posted on ever since I bought it from 'f1' on here

Much of the good stuff and K04 conversion was done before I bought it (by f1), but I've continued to evolve it, modify and improve it, with a large chunk of it done by Jimbo and Unicorn. Basically I've spent many more thousands on it

The mileage is at 199K now (average I guess), though obviously much of the car hasn't done anything like that.

The spec :-

Nogaro blue
Black optics
Black leather
Aluminium dash/door trims
Electric Sunroof
Heated seats
Leather front armrest

RS4 turbos
RS4 gearbox
RS4 clutch
RS4 flywheel
RS4 diff
RS4 exhaust
RS4 carbon engine cover
RS4 B7 front brakes
RS4 rear brakes
RS4 handbrake cables
RS4 headlights
RS4 tail lights
RS4 grill
RS4 rear spoiler
Unicorn Motor Developments custom map (443 bhp/442 lb ft). I have the graph here.
KKD manifolds
Deka 630cc injectors
Milltek catless down pipes
APR Bi-pipe
Mocal oil cooler
Bosch 044 fuel pump, with 034 basket
Bosch 710N's
Samco turbo hose kit
CX Racing FMIC with modded pipework, and modified S4 bumper
AWE vent boost gauge
B&M short shift kit
WOT Motorsport weighted titanium gear knob
H&R coil overs (height adjustable)
H&R front and rear anti roll bars
Hotchkis strengthening mounts
034 engine mounts and snub
18" Sportec Mono alloys (x5), in satin black
Goodyear Eagle F1 ASY3's
F-Hose delete
After run pump mod
Powerflex rear bushes
Facelift illuminated dash vents
Legal window tints (darker rears)
'S4' floor mats
Black front and rear Audi rings
Pressed German style rear plate
JBL door speakers
Removable Westfalia tow bar (to tow my camping trailer). Expensive kit.
Tailored rubber bootliner

Front fogs removed
Front tow eye removed
Aircon fan removed
Headlight washers removed

The aircon works really well by the way, and I had it cleaned out and regassed a couple of years ago, after having the dash out to do the heater matrix. Nice and cool.

I had the car over to Rick at Unicorn a few months ago, and he worked his magic wizardy-witchcraftery with it, and did a cracking custom map. This transformed the car's driveability and power for the better, and was what I THOUGHT would be the final piece of the jigsaw,.......but he reckons a set of 3" downpipes, new system and water meth would get it up in to the 470-480 bhp zone!! This will be for somebody else to do now. With a genuine/conservative 440+ bhp and torque, it was already going like a rocket.

Now I say 'WAS' going like a rocket, as only a couple of months later, the old 'Throttle Position Sensor' error code reared its ugly head again, and has turned the EPC light on. As you may have spotted, I've been advertising for a replacement part to bring all the boost back, but so far have been unsuccessful. As a Plan B, I do have a facelift pedal box and throttle pedal here to go with the car, if anybody fancies doing the conversion (short loom thingamy still required I believe).

The car bodywork is in surprisingly good condition, generally. Really presentable, with no notable dents. As with most of these cars though, the front end is peppered with stone-chips, and there is a 20p sized rust blemish at the top of each front arch. It had a front end respray a couple of years before I bought it, but it could do with being done again. There is a scratch above the offside tail-light too, that I've been meaning to sort since I bought the car, but in 4 years, it hasn't changed at all. Pictures of things like this will follow soon.

The tasty Sportec Mono 10 alloys are painted in satin black. They have a few scuffs and flaky areas, but being that colour, it's pretty easy to lightly sand them and touch them up. I fitted new Audi centre caps last year.

New rear wheel bearing was fitted this year.

The brakes are ace,....obviously. All fitted and looked after by Jimbo.

He also did a ton of other work on it 2 years ago (at 186K miles), and replaced the cambelt/rollers/water pump/thermostat/tensioner etc, as well as replacing the rocker gaskets and a knock sensor.

He did the RS4 headlight conversion too last year, but I haven't had them aligned properly since. I sourced the units, and I think they came from a car on the continent, they give a slightly cross-eyed beam pattern at the moment at night lol. Is there a switch on these to convert for RHD usage like there was on my M5 maybe? Anyway, they look the absolute business on the car, and bring the front end up to date, with the genuine RS4 grill as well,....sourced from, you guessed it,......Jimbo As was the genuine RS4 boot spoiler and god knows what else.

The new rocker gaskets solved that oil leak, but it was noted that there is a small leak from one of the turbos. Pretty common. The car doesn't really consume much oil though, Subaru uses more!

I have stacks and stacks of history, receipts, bills, tax discs, MOTs and the service book etc, as well as the literature that came with the H&R, APR Bi-Pipe, JBL bits. Looooooaaaads of reading material.

2 remote keys.


MOT'd until December.

Spare starter motor, alternator, aircon compressor, glove box, N75 valve, engine cover, Audi rings and a few other spares included too.

I've been using the car (albeit without any boost), until the day I bought the RS6 a couple of weeks ago, when I transferred the insurance over. I'll be scrubbing it and photographing it this week.

Pricewise, 7500 ono, assuming I can get this throttle sensor sorted. If not, I'll be knocking some money off.

When I bought the car (at 169K miles), I said to myself that it was a low risk purchase, as "if it blew up tomorrow", it's worth loads in parts. Even more so now, with my additions of B7 brakes, APR Bi-pipe, Unicorn ECU, Deka 630cc injectors and many many other things. As it turned out, it DIDN'T blow up at all, and has taken me and my family all over England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, France, Switzerland and Italy,.....without breaking down once!!!....never!!......30K miles in 4 years.

Worst case scenario, the car could be broken for a good few thousand,...but it's far too good for that.

7500 ono - North Lancashire.




From the 2011 Brighton Speed Trials.....

And the fault code now.....


Still haven't got hold of a throttle sensor yet,........


5900 for the car as it is (MOT'd until December), or I'll be breaking it.

I want this car just waiting for insurance to pay out for my s4 crash

DM0NK3Y wrote:
I want this car just waiting for insurance to pay out for my s4 crash

It's a pity you're at the complete opposite end of the country, or you could've come for a look while I clean it up some more.

Don't suppose your old S4 was a PFL, with the correct throttle sensor for this one was it?  

It was a pfl but it left me today to go body shop for them to say it's a total loss.

I MAY have found somebody locally to do the FL pedal box conversion......

What's the pedal box conversion mate

kylebrady wrote:
What's the pedal box conversion mate


I'm still no nearer by the way  

Hmmmm, is it worth me spending anything at all on this?

If it was fixed up, would anybody buy a car with a 199K mile number on the dashboard?

I keep thinking about taking some goodies off the car and making quick money, but then I walk past it on the drive and think, "Hell, that's far too nice to break!"

Just don't know what to do. The curse of being an indecisive Gemini

Break it mate get a fair bit for it

Ooh yeah, worth a good few thousand in bits.

Maybe I'm just too sentimental.

I bought my last s4 with 248,000

DM0NK3Y wrote:
I bought my last s4 with 248,000

Well this is the thing,....the bodyshell, block and interior have done this, but much of the rest of the car has been replaced or upgraded.....several times over. Forum Index -> Cars for Sale
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