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Andy P

'99 S4 Avant nogaro blue, Garrett turbo'd

For sale is my noggy blue S4 Avant 3950.00

I'm forced to sell because I've got too many toys / never use it / new company car / we're expecting our first child / need the space / a wedding to pay off

There is a project thread for this which some of you may have seen. It's complete, runs and drives but hasn't been mapped. I had discussed with Viper to get it done but one day he vanished and despite numerous attempts to contact him I had no response. Its a shame because I'm confident the car will see north of 430hp with a proper map. I have been running the car with the N75 unplugged and the car had previously been REVO mapped.

The car was already fitted with LPG when I purchased it which is excellent. I was originally using this car to travel 140 miles a day and it was cheaper to run than a 2.0tdci Mondeo! The system is BRC with a button in the centre console to seamlessly switch between petrol and gas. It also passes an emissions test when tested for LPG without cats.

Specification as follows -
Garrett T25's
Re-flanged FL manifolds
Custom 2.5" stainless downpipes with flexi's
Toyosport s/s cat back
s/s decat link pipes
Front mount intercooler
intercooler pipes for above powdercoated anthacite
RS4 clutch
DA-31 fuel pump
RS4 injectors with spacers (not fitted)
FK coilovers
BBS LM Reps, only just powdercoated anthacite

When the above work was done (1.5 yeas ago) I also replaced the cam belt, cam cover gaskets, water pump & thermostat and replaced the gearbox oil. Since then the car has probably only done approx 4000 miles. I also replaced the DIS LCD screen yesterday.

Bodywork is generally good but with some marks as you'd expect from a car of this age. The front arches could do with some attention from when they have been rolled but not entirely noticeable. The front bumper was looking a little tatty so I've had this resprayed last month. I don't use the car so I've not got round to fitting the front plate (sat it on the dash to take it out for the pics!)

Speaking of which, the car comes with the reg - S4 XLS

The car comes with a current MOT certificate (I think runs out in may perhaps, I'll check and update). Current mileage is 191k.

I've got to go out now so will update with more info tomorrow (and some interior pics once I've had the vac out!). Questions are welcomed!


That is one lovely noggy

Great car mate

Looks the shiznit
And some great mods.


Hi, where you located?
Andy P

Car is located in Southampton SO30

Andy P

Interior Shots

Ok, here are the interior pics as promised.

The 2 LCD displays are EGT. The car had a bad sensor back when I bought it and I had it coded out - I don't think the SID boards were well known about at the time. I fitted these when I did the turbo swap. For some reason they've always read a little different (I wouldn't expect them to mirror each other mind) but I only fitted to make sure EGT's weren't sky rocketing. There is also an apexi electric boost gauge on the column and you can see the DIS display has been replaced (and yes, I've put some fuel in it now )

Take no notice of the red pipe in the driver footwell, this was left over from an earlier install of front air suspension.

There is some old history with the car, namely old MOT's and receipts. Service manual shows full dealer history until 109k.

I checked MOT history and its valid until 23rd April 2017 and miles were 190,431 miles. You can see current mileage is 191,109 = just 678 miles in 8 months.


Any pics of the LPG tank and filler cap location?
Andy P

The tank is in the spare wheel well (the car has no spare) and the filler is very neatly placed under the fuel flap.

Will get pics shortly

Andy P

First viewer came today.

He also drove it away as the new owner!

Car is SOLD!

Thank's to all who expressed interest.


Nice 1 Andy

Now you can focus on your other Noggy

This looks stunning and how did you manage 23 mpg lol

Noggymike wrote:
Nice 1 Andy

Now you can focus on your other Noggy

You buy it mate Forum Index -> Cars for Sale
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