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'Antique' Car Racing Crashes

It would be wrong to say you will enjoy watching it, but it shows how things used to be and how much progress has been made

That is absolutely nuts!

Brave men with testicles the size of beach balls.

Yes, proper bravery and from a different age.

I wasn't sure whether to post it but figured people would be better for seeing it, if that makes sense?

It does make you very thankful for technological progress in safety systems.

But.... I have to say driving an old car is a more exciting drive knowing that if you crash or get crashed into you are in big trouble. I'd wager I am a better and much more aware driver when in the MG.

In the S4 there is so much that is done for you and with all the safety gubbins you are isolated from the outside world. Better in many ways but not so in others. Forum Index -> Car Videos
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