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1.8 T Engine Head Cross Compatability

My brothers AJQ engine requires a new head - can anyone tell me which engine codes allow cross compatibility? I know there is variation with regards to VVT, port sizes, mapping etc - any help would be most appreciated - I'm a 2.7 S4 guy - the 1.8TQS is not my area of expertise for sure.


cylinder head

Bit of info here if this helps

cylinder heads

From what i can remember the AJQ is a large port head and i think,And although not absolutely sure think its non VVT so cross match with the heads that match that criteria.
I bought a small port head off a passat years ago but just opened up the inlet ports and matched them to the manifold.
Byzan a4

AJQ is small port, any head will work as a direct drop on, more likely AUM if you want to retain the SAI

The large port heads with no SAI are AEB, Ajl, ADR and AGU.

Small port is everything else, but like i say, check for the sai port, it's easier to block it up that it is to add it.

head choices?

Ok gents - I cam across this APY head on EBay - will it work?



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