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18" S8 avus pre and post face lift centre caps

Hi. Just bought a set of s8 18" avus alloys. They got dropped off to me and the seller went. When I opened the centre cap packet they were different to what I was expecting. So i did a quick google and it turns out they're pre face lift alloys. Not a problem but does anyone know if the facelift 18" avus centre caps fit as they were the ones that I really wanted.

Thanks in advance.

No they definitely don't, very different fitting.
(I have both PF and FL 18" S8 alloys, for winter & summer wheels)

I think PF alloys are "rarer" (and costlier?) and the centre caps are not cheap.
I needed just one and bought it new online from a specialist supplier, about 30 IIRC.

I'm aware that someone on the A8parts forum has made spacers to fit PF caps to FL Avus 18" wheels, but I would think the reverse isn't possible.

Oh, ok! Thanks for the reply! So are you saying the pfl are the more rarer desirable ones then? Which are your winters and summers?!?!

Just my view, but the PF's are the "original and best". However my S8 (now) is FL so I have a decent set of matching FL Avus wheels for summer.

I bought a cheapish set of PF's for winter use that were a bit "tatty", so much so that I've had a couple refurbed (relatively cheaply and cheerfully).
One advantage of the PF alloys is that they are a subtly different shape that is less prone to kerb damage.

As noted a member of the A8parts forum has put PF centre caps on his FL wheels as he prefers the look. Forum Index -> Audi S8 (D2, D3 & D4) quattro
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