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1996 UrS6 avant front strut required please...

my brother in laws' collapsed after driving over a speed hump   so the spring has ripped into the tyre! fortunately it was at a slow speed.

apparently the strut/ upright? where the spring sits is slightly different from the UrS4 one.... SO IF anyone sees or knows of an S6 avant 1996 being broken or has a strut lying around or knows where there is any please let me know.

Not much is gonna happen over weekend obviously but you never know....

anyone got etka handy who could give me the part number please

I'm sure my mate in bridge of earn might have one. I think he's on here but he got married yesterday so not sure if hell be here. His user name will be K7ERG I think.

Oh hi Ian

Thanks for the heads up:)

I'll pm him but suspect he'll be per occupied for a while    

If your in touch could you ask him please

Regs Rich  

Ian, is your mate Called Craig and his mobile number ends with 990 ?  

Could this be what you require?

PS - It ain't mine !

Oh I've forgotten to update this thread ... I've sourced a pair thanks, waiting in my boot to be taken to Leeds this coming weekend.

Thanks for the heads up though    

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