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1998 pfl s4 avant imola yellow project 2500

Hi all i was goin to brake this but ive decided to move it on and let it live on.

Its a 1998 pfl car with 189'000 full cam belt kit 3000 miles ago and cam cover gaskets and full service no service history but its a good honest car and last year i went to the nurbergring in it and to worthersee (vw show in austria) and it never missed a single beat also managed 172 mph on the auto bahns its standard never been mapped but does have a set of downpips on no cats.

As it stands the car has no seats no carpets no door cards no steering wheel no wheels no exhaust and no grill otherwise its complete and running all be it a bit loud with no cats and no exhaust 😂😂 i have a set of tsw 18x8 mono block alloys that are for sale that id do a deal on if needed and i think i have a vw steering wheel that will fit for transporting it ile have to check but i think its still got mot

The shell has no rust or dents the paint on the tailgate and rear bumper are not the best match but all imolas are 50 shades of imola unless they've had a full respray i can send pics of the car on whatsapp or email 07980014050 best to text/whatsapp me as i work with loud tools

I will also throw in some spare s4 bits that i have from a shell i bought for parts such as rear diff rear arms wing mirrors side trims and other bits im havein a big clear out to focus on more toys 😂😂


Noggymike wrote:

Big and bold in the title whitey.  

Forgot to say open to offers

maybe that was Mikes offer - a single pound

Also based in manchester but can arrange delivery in the uk for a fee cheers. Nic

whats best youll do

Price drop 2000

Also it had a new steering rack complete with arms and ball joints 3000 miles ago

Im gonna try and sort some wheels out for it so its rolling message me on whatsapp for pics 07980014050

pictures? would be a same to see an imola die!

was it a "new" steering rack?

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