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2 S3 Newbee questions - 200

Hi there.

Newbee q 2 for the day.

If the clutch bites very low, is it on the way out, or is a fluid /hydraulic type issue.

Also the cars throttle seems to stick when accelerating up the box, when you clutch, and come of the throttle the revs seem to rise quite aggressively for a few seconds before coming down again, like the throttle is sticking.

Is this normal behaviour when the turbo has just spun up, and you are coming off the throttle, or some other characteristic of the engine, or is there an issue possibly?

cheers in advance for any advice.




Hi John

1. Clutch biting low probably worn.

2. Strange rev behaviour when changing up possibly the clutch position switch.

S3s also prone to breaking their clutch pedals. Had to replace mine just before I sold the car.

Cheers. John Forum Index -> Audi S3 (8L) quattro
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