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2000(X) facelift B5 S4 Avant

Ok if you're looking for a low mileage showcar then look away now.

However, if you want a very well looked after, full service, low-owner example, with traceable ownership (on this forum) from day 1, with every bill, invoice and MOT that has ever been bestowed upon it, by enthusiast owners then feel free to read on...

For sale, ONLY because I'm buying an rs4, we have my very well presented 2000MY facelift b5 S4 avant in silver.

So I'll get the mileage out the way first... 281,359 and counting. The previous owner on here lives in Hereford and used to commute in this to London and back everyday because it was better than public transport. I bought it with 270+ thousand on the clock and it hasn't put a foot wrong, true testament to how impeccably it has been serviced and pampered its whole life.

On top of this, she is still running ORIGINAL turbos and clutch and everything is still as tight at you'd expect from a car with less than average mileage. All rear arm, front arms and bushes have been replaced in the last year, along with a full 4-wheel alignment.

The car has been in to MRC a few times in my ownership and condition is always commented upon, considering the mileage.

Seeing as though the service and bill history is so massive I could be here all day writing and detailing it all out, but suffice to say it's never skipped one it's whole life and the book is full to the brim and the invoice file is a good inch thick..

CAMBELT was replaced with the water pump in 2014 and I'd suggest it's done again at the end of this year or early 2018 depending on the mileage you drive.

Exterior -
Silver bodywork
Electric sunroof option
Rs4 alloy mirror covers
Rs4 alloy roof rails
Rs4 grille (genuine)
Black badges
All central looking working perfectly
Rear wiper working perfectly
Has had a new bonnet and thus some paint but only due to mileage
Brand new Xenon headlights
Arches are showing signs of bubbling
B6 S4 avus alloys, all completely refurbed with New goodyears allround
15mm wheel spacers all round

Interior -
Standard black leather (non-recaro)
Carbon trim (blue weave)
Bose stereo (fully working)
Brand new DIS replacement (common fault)
Cruise control
No rips/tears/burns or damage to any aspect of the interior

All new front/rear arms and bushes, drives like New!
Standard shocks and springs, no leaks.
Fully reconditioned calipers, front and rear
New discs and pads

Completely standard, facelift AGB engine
Original clutch
No oil leaks, no water consumption
New coolant bottle (common fault)
Never remapped, standard smooth power
Milltek cat-back stainless

MOT until 17th October 2017, zero advisories on the last one, went straight through without a hiccup.

Dash says it due a service.. I'm more than happy to negotiate this on the price or take it to MRC prior to collection, by negotiation.

Bad points -
Mechanically there are none, it drives perfectly, no warning lights, no knocks or bangs or until other untoward noises.
Bodywork could do with a freshen up (front wings) and a car-park altercation on the bottom of the passenger door, but that really is it.

To sum up, DO NOT be put off by the mileage, impeccable le service and ownership are far more important and they speak volumes here. There are cars with less than half this mileage and in a Wally bad way. I love driving it every day, but the desire for an rs4 is too great. If I could keep both I would. The new owner won't be inheriting a list of problems that the owner can't be bothered to fix, here, she wants for nothing mechanically.

There's nothing to hide, and I welcome absolutely any questions or inspection of the car, but confident the first enthusiast to see it, will buy it. This car deserves to see well into 300k miles and needs a further Audi-head to take it there, sympathetically of course.

Alternatively, it could also make for a good project, as a standard car.
V5 is in my name, and I have every key (including the silly plastic one) that it came with from new.

Anywhoo, enough waffling, here's a few pictures (can take specifics, on request) and the price..

Looking for offers around 4250 including the MRC service, but happy to negotiate any of this with the buyer....


HAHA - a couple of silly typos up there ^^^ and too late to edit them out now

More pics...


GLWS Steve.

Honest car if ever there was one.

Thanks Mike, you know me well enough to know how I am with my cars, and you've seen this enough times to know the car too

Forgot to mention that car is located in Brackley, Northamptonshire, which is about 5miles west of Silverstone.

GT-steve wrote:
Thanks Mike, you know me well enough to know how I am with my cars, and you've seen this enough times to know the car too

Indeed Steve, the previous owner Andrew was the same, so good history.

281k that's quality glws mate looks a nice clean motor
Alex Rhys

That's amazing mate! Regardless of mileage, good price too.

Just think, thats had more monies worth of fuel put through its tank than the original sale price

Alex Rhys wrote:
That's amazing mate! Regardless of mileage, good price too.

Just think, thats had more monies worth of fuel put through its tank than the original sale price

Cheers mate..   yeah the fuel bill doesn't even bare thinking about

Right, so a couple of sniffs of interest but nothing serious (and nothing from this forum either which is weird, thought it would appeal to an enthusiast ?)

Anyway, still for sale, still impeccably well behaved and mechanically perfect, as I pulled on the drive after a lovely drive home, the mileage read..... 282271

Be in no doubt, mileage or not, this is one of the most fastidiously serviced and cared-for examples for sale right now and that's not a statement I make lightly.

Someone please buy it from me so I can progress onto an rs4

Maybe a slight price adjustment will help?

4000 Ono

Happy to consider offers,  

Bump and price Drop to....

3750 ono

I've found a couple of RS4's that I really like the look of, so someone please help by buying my lovely S4 from me..

3000 if sold and payment received by Monday night 17th April 2017

Brand new windscreen 11/04/2017

I've driven a thousand miles this week and it's been faultless. 400miles out of a tank up the motorway, smooth and comfortable.

Zero mechanical issues.., it really is a no brainier and I really need an rs4

Is this sfs?

Yes and no...

I'll listen to a sensible offer but to be honest I'd rather see it past 300k miles now, and it's not far off. It's practically cost me nothing in over a year of ownership

Plus it's so reliable it doesn't really make sense to give it away and try and find replacement that might not be.

Bump, and still nothing changes.. it's such a casual sale it's unreal. Why should I part with such a reliable car with no issues? Still a hoot to drive,

289k miles and still hasn't cost a penny in maintenance.. still original turbos and clutch. That points to how this car has been cared-for

300 worth of brand new Goodyear rubber up front, rears haven't even worn. Forum Index -> Cars for Sale
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