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2004 a3 wing mirror removal?

Hi all just wondering is there a how to on removal of the drivers side wing mirror on the 2004 shape a3 just some little asshole has decided to take a disliking to my brothers wing mirror being on the car and thought it looks a lot better hanging off!
Sadly there are these people about!

Many thanks in advanced I think tha hardest bit is getting the wiring loom out of the door


Ok 1st of all, what parts are hanging of, has it been broken of the cast base thats bolted to the door chassis?

I've basically removed & fitted all 3 of the 8P type mirror units numerous times, so know whats needed, but more info needed to be sure.

Cheers for the reply mate but I've managed to do it in the end I just took the door card off and removed the wing mirror and just pulled the wires up through but couldn't manage to get the metal plate off with the window regulator on, so I just fed the wires down through the hole that it all came out through and managed to do it that way lol but thanks mate if you know how to get the regulator metal plate that would be nice to know lol

Many thanks

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