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2009 S3 Servicing Advice

Hi guys,

I'm new to this (first post).

I recently bought my 2009 Audi S3 S-Tronic 3dr deep sea blue (I'm sure lol).

I bought it from Arnold Clark last month and now the dash display is showing "service in 9 days". I'm not sure if Arnold should or could have serviced the car before I collected it, I know the light wasn't on when I test drove it or when I done the deal.

I'd much prefer paying for a service through Audi as it was a one-owner car from new before me and every single stamp so far has been Aberdeen Audi. So I'd like to keep it this way.

I guess I'm looking for advice on prices. Are all Audi Service Centre's the same set price or is it worth calling a few different dealers?

Thanks in advance..


Call a few and then go to a specialist.

If they should have serviced it, why not ask them to contribute or get it serviced for you?

Hi PJ,

I have called 4 dealerships closest to me:

Perth Audi: 159/309
Glasgow Audi 159/309
Stirling Audi 159/309

With Ayr Audi quoting me a whopping 684 for the full service. The same service as above at 309!!  

S-Tronic oil & filter change at 169

All prices including VAT.

Hope this saves others some time.  

They do price matching mate, get a quote from any local VAT registered garage for your service using genuine Audi parts / spec oil and take it to Audi who will match it for you no questions.    Best emailing around places as you need it in writing.

Don't get hung on main dealer there of lots of independents/vag specialists that a lot of the time give you better service

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