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2011 AUDI (B8) S4 AVANT QUATTRO - Manual - 492PS - R8 Brakes

Pistonheads advert:

Priced firm at 18,950


Nice car and local to me
What the factory spec and factory extras on it I.e supersport seats? Satnav? B&o stereo?

In terms of spec from the factory compared to the Automatic variants it's pretty minimal....which is what appealed to me most so I could make it how I wanted it to be:

Manual 6 speed gearbox
Black leather seats
Climate control - ice cold
Cruise control
No Sat nav, but I use the Waze app anyway, far better than any OEM nav system
Unsure of the stereo but it sounds pretty good to me!

Then there's the engine and brake upgrades! they should've all come from the factory

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