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2013 Facelift R8 - Quick Look

DK and I attended a PH intro lunch with the FL R8...

Off the top of my head...

S-Tronic 7sp now available.
Sport button that immediately opens exhaust flaps
GT style round tail pipes in rear bumper.
Slightly different "lip" above rear diffuser and rear diffuser shape.
Front lights have similar DRL to FL A4/5 etc
Rear Lights have different shape red aspects and "strobing" indicators.
Both V8 and V10 variant now has 3 x vent slats front and back - so existing V10 owners, we are "special"
Thicker Steering wheel like the RS cars - S-Tronic has extended paddles.
Window switches and hood/fuel etc have ally accents and piano black parts.
Wing mirrors slightly sleaker a la TT.
From looking into the engine bay of the V10... no longer Carbon Fibre "V10 FSI" plaque instead there is a plastic cover that splits the air-box under which can now be found the oil filler/tank (moved in from behind air-box)

Think that was about it....

Old and New... spot the difference Hmmmmmmm...

The Lads...


I like the slightly redesigned front grille, S-Tronic is the real biggie, tho. Not a fan of the round tailpipes or the new logo, however.

My rear   with + CF Diffuser and Black Oval Tailpipes  


Good post and photos Nige.

It was great to meet you and David, Nigel. Thanks again to you both (and the others) for your thoughts on the new model and chatting about 'everyday' R8 ownership.

Alex's article is now live on PistonHeads here.

As such i've put my photos up, plus some of the out-takes up on facebook (down at the end) if anyone is interested.

Needless to say, after driving the the Honda home, I priced up everything I own and went looking through the PistonHeads classifieds for an R8

- Tom (the bedraggled photographer)

Ah, new article featuring your input from the day.

Thanks Tom, great pictures considering the weather too!  

They're all calling for more pics and video of yours rather than the new one mate

Completely missed this thread the other day. Feature popped up on PH today and I had a quick browse at work, proper read now I'm home. 115SF posts on 246 and used to post on Tyresmoke too (where the MK Meet originates from)

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