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4x S4 Shocks 3x Springs Wheel Spacers - Hertfordshire

Hi All,

Just pulled my suspension off to replace with RS/H&R Parts.

There is one rear spring that the end has broken off, all others look OK. Shocks are still perfectly fine. If anyone needs a set let me know.

Ill say 100 for all the shocks/springs. Open to offers.

15mm and 20mm spacers with bolts

Theyre too wide for me, I haven't any photos of them fitted, I may be able to get some this week. 80

Preferred collection, but I may be able to post.

Could an admin move this to Parts for Sale? Thanks

What make are the spacers

Ill have to check for you mate

The car was sold to me with a set of spacers, 20mm and 15mm, just checked the bag and theres only a set of 15mm spacers in there. So ill take offers. They're hubcentric, I cant find any manufacturer logos on them but I think theres a receipt for them, ill have to look:

Heres the shocks:

I just need them shifted so offers on whats there

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