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A day in the life of an Audi Driver


Le Mans is more than a race. It's a chance to put many of our latest innovations to the test, pushing our cars and our drivers to achieve their very best over 24 gruelling hours. It's this single-minded approach that has led us to a remarkable 9 victories in the last 11 years.

We'd like you to be among the first to see a new commercial celebrating our involvement in Le Mans. It follows the experiences of Audi Sport driver Allan McNish, looking at the technology, individual skill and team effort that enables us to eliminate luck and turn in a race-winning performance.

At two and a half minutes, this is one of the longest commercials we've ever made for the UK and a fitting tribute to such an epic event as Le Mans.

The commercial is then due to premiere during the Champions League Final on Saturday 28 May, in 3D on Sky and in standard 2D at 7.40pm on ITV. It will also be shown in 2D and 3D at cinemas nationally, during the first week of the final instalment of the Harry Potter series.

I hope this gives you an insight into the experience of being an Audi driver and why we're so passionate about succeeding in the world's most famous endurance race. To stay up to date with new content like this and other Audi developments, just visit our dedicated Facebook page. You'll also be able to view live updates from Le Mans, so you can follow all the action from the race as it happens. Finally, look out for our Audi UK 24 hours of Le Mans iPhone and iPad app, coming soon to the app store.

Yours sincerely,

Jeremy Hicks
Director of Audi UK

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