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A feeler... My R8 V8

I'm considering options at the moment and wondered if anyone would be interested I my R8.

Many of you know and have seen the car, it makes a great entry into R8 ownership as it would be one of the cheapest for sale on the market as i'll be partially returning it to stock for sale.

It's a 2007 Manual car in phantom black.
It's done 28,000 miles.
Full Audi service history with all recalls completed.
Carbon sideblades and interior trim.
Extended leather and alcantara headlining.
Titan wheels
V10 black optics grille.
Milltek exhaust
ITG filters
Race pads and fluid

The best bits about the car are the noise and the interior, many R8's aren't specced like this and they then feel pretty low rent tbh.

It has got a few stone chips to the front as expected.  Every r8 I've seen has had paint to the front for this reason.  I'd get it painted and venturesheilded if I was keeping it.

I'll be removing the carbon mirrors, door sills, engine bay, GT rear lights and black exhaust tips and replacing with the stock items.  These could be negotiated as extras though if required.

The number plate could go with the car or not.

Pm me if interested...

Recent pic from AITP.


What's the plans/thoughts next then Dave?

A period of consolidation I reckon stumps... Sit out the market for a while and let it come to me!


You are...... Dangerous!  

You know I've been pondering a move AND due to my recent excursion at Brands got to ride again in this great beasty..

Its a lovely, lovely car, with any degree of mods on it.


Pm sent nick.

Im familiar with the R8 market from my V8 and recent V10 search
There is NOT a better value V8 R8 out there than this
Theinterior spec IS very RARE at the price point Dave will likely be asking
Its a truely MINT car

I know i might be bias but its the truth

Px with sarg

How many pennies would you like for it?

pjbRs wrote:
Px with sarg

It has been discussed but no, would need to be weekend car free for a while not get another drain on finances!  Lovely as sarge is!


superchargedrs4 wrote:
How many pennies would you like for it?

I'd prefer £'s please Danny.  Pm me with an offer?

What? Dave... nooooooo

This car is so clean, so pristine, it's beyond belief, if I could justify the use of an R8, this would be high on the list, seriously lovely spec'd n looked after example.

P.S this has got to be taken with the 'extras', no question, so much carbon porn!!

iR8V8 wrote:
superchargedrs4 wrote:
How many pennies would you like for it?

I'd prefer £'s please Danny.  Pm me with an offer?

What if he had 10m Pennies..?

GLWS sale buddie, and good luck trying to keep out of the market!

You'll miss her for sure.. You'll be back in an S/RS before we know it


The time for action has come.

I will be de-modding the car a reverting it back to stock to then list it on pistonheads.

If anyone is interested in it as is, shout before bits start coming off.

Can you pm me your price with and without mods please. And full spec. Thanks.


No offence intended, but what's the issue in just posting up the price your looking for, rather than making it a guessing game or something seemingly covert?

Nothing covert about it as far as I can see?
This is a feeler thread, not a for sale one.
He did start a for sale thread with price on the pistonheads link

Ah, ok. I missed that other thread, Apologies. Forum Index -> Audi R8 quattro
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