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A3 1.8T Quattro ESP Light always on

Hi, I have just been to look at an A3 1.8t Quattro with a friend the car itself is spot on just the esp light is on all time, now if it was esp and abs I would be thing maf sensor but it is just esp I vag commed it and got this
Control module for all wheel drive (j492)
004 No Signal/Communication
Fault code no:01324.

What's the worse thing this could be because I quick google doesn't look good

Also does a car fail mot for this light been on, what's the worse thing that happens driving it with it on

You need to check an authoritative MOT information source, but I believe this is build-date related. On "older" cars it's just an observation, but newer (2012 ish I think?) it's a fail.
What age is this car?

2002 mate

Sounds similar to this:

gay quattro

it'll most probably be the earth strap from the haldex unit

What is the worse that can happen if this issue cant be fixed?
What does it actually do when the esp light is on permanantly

Thanks for help  

Pretty simple, ecu is shot or the power to/from it is ie as mentioned above earth strap or another cable into it that in simple speak is broken, hence the no signal code. The ESP is on because that is not functioning and is an integral part of the ESP system. Its not always the MAF at fault

btw - when he says ecu, he means the haldex control unit

so it's either fix the power to that or replace the module, this is not MAF related at all as it would throw more codes both in the engine module and abs module

if you buy it as is now you will be buying a front wheel drive car that could cost at most imo a second hand haldex controller and some labour to fix it Forum Index -> Audi S3 (8L) quattro
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