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A3 3.2 v6

Hi guys...

Not quite an S or RS just wondering the value on an 04 3.2ltr A3
S-line, Bose, fsh. 95k?

Any help would be ace

4k ish. Don't sell to rapidly either. Don't deal the Cupra into that!

Just what I  thinking. Might be interested with cash my way though. Need to get rid of the Cupra as I'm starting to like it too much!

It keeps looking at me and saying "buy me a nice FMIC"

Adrian E

There's a lot to go wrong sensor-wise on the 3.2 A3 - there's good reason they're unloved.  If taking it as p/x stick the details into WBAC and offer 100 more, assuming it's cheap enough for you to move on for not much different

It's a fantastic motor mate just a more discreet version of the R32 so I'd classify that as a s/rs very under rated car. Forum Index -> Audi S3 (8L) quattro
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