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A3 8P Suspension.

I am interested in what kind of shocks and springs are people running. I have an 8P 2.0 TDI quattro s-line (so probably shouldn't be here in the first place) and need to replace the shocks and springs on the back but with that done will probably do the fronts soon after.
It currenty has odd springs on the back and I was considering S3 ones as being a bit lower than the s-lines but not sure how that will go at the front ie possibly heavier engine, would I be better say with H&Rs??
So I suppose the first question is, should I stick with genuine parts or go to aftermarket upgrades? and the second if so, what manufacturers should I go for, what's your thoughts?
Cheers in advance  

Hello again, still struggling a bit with this, anyone know what shocks are on 2005 A3s to start with? Mine are marked with aodi 4 ring badges but nothing else ligible to say who makes them, so guessing if I go to Audi I will get new versions of the same, which wouldn't be the worst thing as I am not unhappy with the S-Line suspension, just maybe the ride height a bit. So thinking today I will go for S3 springs which will level it up with a small drop. Choices of shocks seem to be Bilsteiens B4 or 6s, Sachs or genuine Audi. Koni I am almost discounting rightly or wrongly, anyone want to feed in before I change my mind again? Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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