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V8 Sam

a3/s3 doors

anyone know if A3 doors fit S3 models?

found a replacement door for my S3, but its off an A3

hoping it will fit as its the only one i found in the same colour!

all the same
V8 Sam

top man!

just a case of putting on my door card and taking my s3 door blades off and attaching to new door.

managed to source a full door complete with window and mech.


yup and the mirror of course, perhaps the speakers if your s3 has bose

There's facelift and pre-facelift doors, no?

doors are the same in every one ive ever had both pre and post facelift
V8 Sam

oh yeah and speaker and mirrors!

but should be easy enough with the card off

yes mate, speakers are fitted to the back of the doorcard, mirror is one screw and a plug
V8 Sam

Another question

Does the actaul metal door skin come off the frame?

Instead of replacing the whole door inc widow etc?

If it's easier that is. As looks like the wing has to be remove in order to remove the bolts holding the hinges on.

the skin wont come off the actual door - unless you wanted to get into a whole heap of work, the top hinge just lifts off and splits (6mm bolt iirc)

the bottom hinge also splits leaving half on the pillar and half on the door, wing doesn't need to come off the remove the door
V8 Sam

Ok, next stupid question

The cable that runs along the top that also comes in via the main wires, looks like ot goes to the door handle, how does that come off?

Dosnt feel like an electrical cable more of a locking cable or something?

Only piece holding me back now, can't see in there how to unclip it
V8 Sam

ah dont worry

worked that out as well,goes to the lock.

bit of a nightmare of a job, having the take the whole window frame out etc Forum Index -> Audi S3 (8L) quattro
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