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A6 2.7 bi turbo tuning

Morning Gents

My father has just purchased an A6 with the 2.7 bi turbo engine in, rated at 230bhp in the A6. Can someone tell me why it is not 265bhp as in the S4 as I understand it is the same engine and components.

What ways are there to increase the power? Can an S4 ecu swap do done to give it the 265bhp or is it not that simple.

Thank you in advance.

Speak to Rich at Vipertuning he will remap your cars ecu


it should have been 250 hp , this is the way they came on A6

The early ones were 230bhp and the later were 250bhp.

I have just read that it might be due to the auto box not being man enough and that is why they detuned it.

The main differences are that it runs narrower downpipes and less boost, I think everything else is the same as the B5 S4 (possibly the intercoolers are also different?).

The early versions ran a very modest 230bhp with the later versions running 250bhp.

The cars can be remapped to see approx 290bhp or with gutted pre-cats 300bhp+. I run a low mileage 2000W plate A6 auto with a remap and gutted pre-cats via MRC, makes a great, comfortable sleeper.

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