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AAN engine, burning oil issue.

Hi folks,

just joined up and looking for some advice....

I've a 94 early Ur-S6 with 185k on the clock, which is burning oil. I'm getting blue smoke when the car is left idling for a while when engine is hot, but it seems to lessen when the car's being driven - it does increase noticeably when you accelerate moderately hard.

am i looking at major surgery?

any advice would be much appreciated

sounds turbo related to me or valve stem seals ?

welcome to the forum.....

rule numero uno... phots please
where abouts are you? not many UrS4/6's remain now

MY UrS4 saloon auto is 1 of 14 left, 10 in use and 4 sorned ( mine is 1 of 4 sorned for now)

Brother in law desig has a UrS6 avant Forum Index -> Audi urS4/S6 quattro
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