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ABT Sportsline ABT RS 6 "1 of 12"

ABT Sportsline RS 6 "1 of 12" - Powerful, luxurious, very limited

If you want to belong to a very exclusive club in a very sporty fashion, you should opt for one of the only twelve ABT RS6 “1 of 12“ quickly. This limited edition is to celebrate the company’s 120th anniversary. After all, the upscale lifestyle estate is not only rarer than many a racer from Maranello, it is equally sporty, if not more so. You can see, but, sadly, not yet otherwise experience, this special model at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

Once you will be able to drive it, it will show 735 PS, up by an enormous 175 PS. The ABT RS6 “1 of 12“ has a torque of 920 Nm, so it is on top of any situation, up to a top speed of 198mph (320 km/h). This is made possible by ABT POWER S, using the specially developed ABT Engine Control unit with its also specially developed software.

The ABT RS6 “1 of 12“ is a super-versatile super sports car. It is faster than many of these and can take a lot of luggage, too. Its understatement and elegance are part of the overall concept. After all, performance is always the most striking hallmark. This powerful estate doesn’t even have to get going to show its assertiveness and dynamic elegance - in its limited edition version in particular.

The aerodynamic package comprises the right components, many of which - above all the air inlet panels, front flics, mirror caps, the rear skirt set or its attachment - are made of exposed carbon.

And a beautiful rear can also endear. Just look at the ABT RS6 “1 of 12“ carbon rear spoiler with its “1/12“ logo or the four tailpipes painted in a perfectly matching colour.

All this is rounded off by the ABT FR wheel with its five double spokes. This sporty and light wheel comes in 10x22’’ and is perfectly in line with the limited edition’s design. The right grip is provided by Dunlop high-performance tyres in 295/25 R22 for top speeds - if you so wish.

And inside, the RS6 “1 of 12“ also shows it is a special car. The glove compartment features the “1/12“ signet, the floor mats the “120 years” lettering. The sport-type seats are bi-colour-leathered, matching the exterior. The headliner, all pillars and the tailgate are Alcantara-clad. Alcantara is combined with leather on the dashboard as well and colourful decorative seams can also be found. Even the door panels, window frames and, not least, the steering wheel are leather- and alcantara-covered.

This exclusive ABT RS6 “1 of 12“ will soon be sold out. So why not build 120 to commemorate ABT’s 120th anniversary? Hans-Jürgen Abt, CEO of the global market leader when it comes to tuning Audis, says: “That would make it much less exclusive and its owner less illustrious.“


LHD I know, but I think this looks great. Understated by ABT standards even. I've not seen another RS 6 with 22s look like the wheels are not too big, but this pulls it off to my eye.

Looks very very cool apart from the underwhelming looking seats and Halfords looking alloys      

Comes down to preference, but I think Halfords wheels is a bit harsh!

Graham wrote:
Comes down to preference, but I think Halfords wheels is a bit harsh!

Hmmm i'm not so sure, google wolfrace,team dynamics,bk racing and msw
they all do a cheap design very close to these.
Ok yes in smaller sizes but all around £400  

I guess the only saving grace is hopefully these are 1 piece forged

The whole styling of it is poor, visually cheapens the look of a sophisticated machine IMO.

I think all of it looks quite cheap.  Carbon bits are just for show and look stuck on.  Diffuser is OTT.  

They've basically ruined a good car, lol.  I thought ABT knew what they were doing.
Professor Peach

I really like that. Sorry. Including the Halfords alloys.    (But I do see what you mean).

Oh, LHD! Forget it then. I was about to order one! Forum Index -> AudiSRS News
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