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Advise please

hey guys am after a bit of advise on my friends s3 2ltr tsfi. its running 550bhp fully forged internals and uprated rebuilt head with gtx3076r turbo and tial external wastegate. il start from the beginning.

On Sunday we where heading to crail for some quarter mile action 60mph all the way there until 4miles from the circuit went on boost (2bar) then loss of power and started sounding like a tractor with no boost. We got there needless to say no quarter mile running. the wastegate was stuck open so all gasses where flowing out the external wastegate. drove all the way home which is about 2hrs away again 60mph.

So after some investigating last night we found a bit of ceramic jamming the wastegate open. great but then where did it come from so tonight more investigating removed spark plugs to find a bit broken off!

my question is how much damage could this have caused??? I am getting a bore scope tomorrow and another friend is bringing a compresson tester

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