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Air Bag light - Not the usual fault - HELP!!!

On my 2005 S4 Cab, I had the dreaded glove box hinge break, as my glove box lid was a bit grubby, I sourced another used complete glove box via the web.
I thought this was going to be an easy swap....

My old glove box didnt have a a passenger side key to disable the passenger airbag, so the loom was simple with the large connector at the base, 2 lights and 2 connectors going to the ram.

The new one came with the lock so an extra connector for the lock but without one of the small 2 pin ram connectors.

So i connected all up with new loom and got the dash airbag light on.... simple you think to put that out??
Well no... as i didnt have this to begin with it wouldnt work trying to reset the light would not work, it stayed on.....

So I swapped out the loom forom my old glove box and thought that'll do it.... now the only difference is ive still got a very small 2 pin connector spare which used to plug into my old ram, I'm thinking this is maybe to do with the glovebox light.... they key was still present but no loom connector in my old loom

Connect all back up and i cannot get the ABS light on the dash to go out... you try and reset and all it comes back with is a fault saying words to the effect of "airbag Key not active"

I didnt have the key to start with...... Has the car remembered when i plugged the new loom in with key and plug and now thinks it should have it?
Plugging the old loom back in has confused it??

HELP!!! anyone with knowledge? Forum Index -> Audi S4 & RS 4 (B6 & B7) quattro
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