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so, as my TT is smashed up ... im borrowing the missus TT TDI Black Edition

Now, this car

1. looks awesome for a TT

its Phantom Black, Black Optics, Titan 19" RS 4's, Privacy Glass and S-Line bodykit

2. Top Spec

Half Leather / Alcantara seats, BOSE, Cruise, AutoLights/Wipers/Dimmer

3. Bit of Punch

170PS, goes really well, handles superbly and doesnt sound like a diesel

AND THEN,  the MOST amazing thing !!

90miles done on a full tank and still a range of 735 miles !!! hasnt even got start stop or any of the Bluemotion VW tech !


nogaro s4

    thats better then my 407 2.2hdi

im driving the wrong car obviously    

Every household needs a diesel  

Dave how many cars do you own lol Every time you post another one appears  

Stunning economy.
nogaro s4

cruise controll at 55mph you been cheating dk  

M1 roadworks mate

got no choice
nogaro s4

     ahh yes the beloved m1 roadworks

still loving this car

done 200 miles and the car still says i'll do 700 on a tank

i just cant believe this is the same engine as in the A5, i hated that car with such a passion, yet this TT is brilliant !!


Kiss 100 - Good station.

How much fuel can you fit in the TT TDI? Just got a 123d and I was impressed with that lol, but I have never seen that at 700 miles on a tank lol!

That's great mileage for a 170 brake car, what else do they stick this engine in?

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