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Another gearbox failure

Hi all,

If you remember i bought an S5 b8 and found out after i had bought it that it had the circuit board replaced on the gearbox. At the time i foudn out i was seriously p1ssed off with Audi UK for not disclosing that info to me for work they had done.

Anyway fast forward a year and a bit and not i have the following problem:

a week ago was driving and got a messagwe that said gearbox malfunction limited functionality you can keep driving. Then the car went into neutral and wouldn't let me move.. couple of hours later its gone..  then take it for a drive and 20 mins in and it does the same...

I have dropped it off at Audi and they have got the gearbox out for dianostics.

I am out of warranty, but have full audi service history on the car and its all been on time.

They said they will check to see if its the exact same failure as last time and if it is its free as the work was still under the 2 year parts warranty.

So got a call today and surprise surprise, its not the same part. The service lady said that was the control unit and that she would get back to me to let me know cost etc.

So...  i am pretty furious, 2 gearbox repairs on a 5 year old car within 2 years of each other on an apparent "premium" car is embarrasing to say the least.

I guess i need to wait now to see how much they charge me for the work. Anyone have any idea what its likely to cost? What should i do? any angle for me to not pay the costs?

Even worse they have had my car since before easter bank holiday and they can't get me a loaner until the 15th... Thats annoying me more than anything else, What can i do about that???

Any help is really appreciated...

I would contact Audi UK customer services to let them know the position and try and get a courtesy car.

I would also push for a significant contribution, as you say 2nd gearbox failure on a 5 year old car serviced as recommended. Start with the dealer and pursue via UK customer services if required.

Do I get in contact with audi UK now or wait until they give me a quote for the work....

If you are desperate for a courtesy car, I would get that sorted first.

Just feel as though if they are going to bill me several thousand pounds for repairs the least they could do is put me in a frigging car..

if you say you have a full service history with audi id wait for them to give a price first then get in touch with audi uk audi wuk will then ask the dealer to raise a report with their tech team with major units the v.a.g group will contribute very well

Any department I should speak to a audi UK?  I can't imagine a customer service advisor beige of much help...

Also I thought the dealer controlled the goodwill side?  Right now it does feel like I'm about to get bent over...

Customer services will raise an issue which then gets escalated to someone appropriate to manage as required.

Got an email from the dealer....  this is what they have to say...

Morning Mr Barkatali,

We have now diagnosed the issue with your gearbox, the gearbox has been removed and can confirm that is not related to the same repair as previously carried out. It now requires a complete gearbox strip and defective sensor module replacing. A gearbox rebuild and refit is then required.

I have spoken to our  warranty department and Audi to see if there is any goodwill on the repair but unfortunately due to the age and mileage of the vehicle there is no goodwill on this.

I have reduced our labour rate and labour time down for you the very best I can  - I have attached an estimate with a breakdown of parts and labour.

Please let me know if you need anything else,

So basically the gearbox has a faulty sensor which costs about a 100 pounds but its going to cost me 3k to fix

pretty annoyed to say the least.

just got off the phone with Audi UK, they said they will get a customer relations manager to call me within the next 24 hours and that I can discuss a courtesy car with them..

The guy did also say that the final decision sits with the dealership so I am struggling to see what use speaking to audi uk is actually going be...

really disappointed by this whole thing, its probably been said a million times before but I really wont be touching anything VAG unless this is resolved properly...

Its hard to swallow the bit about age of the car and its milage...  60 plate car and 54k miles..  with 2 gear box failures and a cat converter replaced (before I bought it).

any advice on what to do next or what to say to the customer representative would be helpful, also what do I now say to the dealer?

don't know its a bit long shot  if this helps but if this fault code was stored when it first happened or in the history off the car in with them then you can say it was not looked at the only way is to pull the most off the old diag logs which they send to factory and can be viewed by the dealer at anytime as it stores all logs send online Forum Index -> Audi S4, S5, RS 5, RS 4 (B8) quattro
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