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Any Focus RS fans? Our Intercooler Kit is here!!!

RS / RS500 Ford Focus (2009-2010) Intercooler Kit by Wagner Tuning
   High-performance core with turbulators
   size 730x300x70mm, 15330cm³ volume (Standard 660x160x65mm, 6864cm³ volume)
   CAD / FEM optimized end tanks made of cast aluminum
   Intercooler has the original RS500 fitments
   Approx.100% larger face area compared to OEM
   Approx.220% larger volume than OEM
   Simple assembly
Intercooler painted black
Airguide made from multilayer carbon fibre
Mounting hardware

Inlet temperature gragh taken on Focus RS with ~370 hp @ 21° Ambient

£640 inc.VAT + Delivery Forum Index -> Wagner Tuning
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