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any help welcome.

Hi all,
       Right I have just got the bargain of the decade as far as i am concerned, but want some advice on it if poss.

I have just got a '91 audi 80 2.0 quattro for £20. The paint is now a lovely shade of pink as opposed to the red it was originally, but thats not a concern as I am able to machine polish it bring back the sparkle.

What I am interested is, is what will fit from say S2's or RS2's?

Such things as front bumpers, wheels, interior etc as I would like to revive the old girl and make her nice once more. Its only covered 68k miles, and is mechanically 100% (last owner spent £900 a year ago on fixing it)

So if any can help with advice, or even point to where I can purchase any of the bits that will fit, I would be greatful.

Once I begin the polishing Ill post up some pics as I progress.



Pics or it isn't true!

Sounds like fun project, and a sound base, be interested to see how this pans out..

yeah couldnt believe it, just got back from picking it up and it get better and better.

Its actually an audi 90, quattro sport, 2.3 20v.

Gonna make me a fun project for the summer.

Very rare in quattro form!
I would LOVE one of these to build an S2 saloon.
If it was me Id buy a cheap S2 Avant (MUST be an avant as coupe suspension is different)
Everything literally bolts on (not sure about engine mounts, some are correct or some need moving)

If you just want to do certain bits, then yes things like bumpers just bolt on, but you would need S2 hubs if you want S2 wheels due to the S2 being 5x112

ah cool dest, thanks for that.

My first thought when i saw it was to build an s2 saloon. Will have to look into once i get the body work back in order.

Like I say in first post, mechanically it is mint, its done a measly 68k miles. Discs and pads look near as dammit new, its got hideous wheels on it tho and a ridiculous exhaust (apparently when they needed a new exhaust for it, it was cheaper to get a boy racer one, tho it does sound rather nice lol) and the interior is fair for its age, slight sagging in drivers seat bolster, but its got the 'quattro' print cloth trim.

I am over the moon with it for £20, even if i spent a few quid on it to make it nice again, it would be worth the money. Ill get some pic on sunday, im going to start on the paint then so will hopefully be able to do a new thread on its progression.

S2 seats are pennies, and only 1 bolt to change each front one!
The rears are very easy too.

This thread is well worth a read, ignore the crap at the start about needing a coupe though

very good read that dest, looks like it is a fairly easy conversion providing i can find a suitable doner S2 for sensible money.

Ill have a chat to rich (viper) bout it all as he is only a mile down the road from me, see what he thinks is doable on a reasonable budget, dont want it becomming a 5k job tbh, but also dont want to cut corners and make an abortion out of what could be a very nice car.

If you're good with a spanner the majority of the cost would be buying an S2 Avant, maybe some bits and bobs would need refreshing while swapping it all over (bushes etc) but the Avant basically has everything on it that you would need

just found this on ebay:

Engine and gear box wise, this would be ok yeah?, I know the coupe is no good for suspension, but as for everything else i am assuming it would be a good doner for running gear?

Would be ok for everything apart from rear suspension and rear seat, door cards, and maybe some other bits and bobs.
Personally Id rather find a tatty/cheap avant and know its going to cover everything

yeah following your logic, just finding one is the trick lol.

Ill get cracking on everything I can do now body wise and generally tidy it up, its minging to be fair but nothing a bit of elbow grease wont cure. Gonna have to get rear door resprayed as lacquer is peeling away, but apart from that the galvanized body has done its job with no rust what so ever, every panel is straight and true, so looks like I really did get a bargain.

Properly excited now, did tell the mrs i would tidy it up and flog it straight away, but having found out how rare it is, and the possibilities it has for conversion work, looks like ill HAVE to keep it and sort it out myself lol............wonder if i could shoe horn an RS4 engine in

Just need to find something like this, cheap avants appear quite often

bargain of the century however b3 rear suspension is different to s2 avant.. coupe suspension would bolt on though.
ive got b5 leather in my 90, fit pretty easily too. Forum Index -> Audi S2 & RS 2 (B3 & B4) quattro
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