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Anyone fitted brake ducts

Still considering cooling on my brakes or unsure why they get so hot on track

Brake ducts may be good but maybe less electronic intervention

Any thoughts???

What brake setup are u running?

Running rs5 fronts
At the mo for daily I have wavy discs and stock Audi pads but for track I used a set of used discs with carbone Lorraine rc5's
Killed the discs in a lap but still no fade, they were solid blue....

Hey buddy!

I was planning on installing some brake ducts for mine too.  Never got around to it, but did a ton of research.  These links might be of some use to you...

Thanks Jay
Looks quite involved doesn't it...

Sorry to bring this old topic back to life, but do you drive with ESP/traction fully off? I almost set my brakes on fire last year at the ring. This year I'm quicker and brakes are cooler - only difference is I'm driving ESP fully off. Before it was constantly trying to make corrections.

You, my friend, have come up with the goods.
I have really pondered on this and you have given me the comparison I was looking for.
I will now try my next track day with it off.
The only thing is also on my mind is whether the sports diff uses the same system to work out when to shift??? Forum Index -> Audi S4, S5, RS 5, RS 4 (B8) quattro
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