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Anyone know this RS2 ?

It was sold by Brooklands auctions in Nov and is now on ebay ?

Any help pls


As Jamo said on your original post, if your looking for provenance/history for a RS2 or detailed specifics, you'd be better going to the S2 Forum or Classic Audi Forum, as 'most' owners who frequented forums whilst owning one of these, would have done it there.

This forum is comparatively new by older Audi standards hence anyone who'd know any particular RS2 are more likely to be on that forum or may know the car you refer to and who it belonged to.

A car that's found it's way to an Auction (whilst not necessarily bad) is 'unlikely' to have come from a enthusiasts garage. In my opinion of course.

I still maintain the Ragusa with only 2 owners will have a more transparent history through its extensive documentation because it was held onto for long periods by a more apparent pair of enthusiasts. It's been recommissioned from storage with new Timing Belt etc etc also.

Don't know he car, but what I would give to have it in the United States. Forum Index -> Audi S2 & RS 2 (B3 & B4) quattro
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