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AP Mclaren 4 Pot calipers

Hi all,

I've got a front pair of AP Racing 4 pots off of a mclaren MP4. They come with good as new set of pads ds2500hp.
Originally designed to run a 370x32 disc

They do fit under 18" wheels with space

Painted in a bright yellow, not a professional job, but do look alright

The part number on them is CP7545, after speaking to AP these are supplied only to mclaren and so aren't listed on the ap site.

These obviously aren't a bolt on caliper you would require custom discs and carriers. I priced this up to be a touch over 600 via Reyland /compbrake.

So would make a good and cheap bbk for someone - replacement pads along the lines of ds2500 are sub 170 for example

I am open to reasonable offers as I would like these gone asap

Priced up at 350

I can send pictures via WhatsApp, 07496763070

I am located at Worksop, near Sheffield

Many thanks

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