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rs6 hib

are fl s4 havac different from pfl

are the blower controls different from pre face lift
to face lift im trying to connect face lift havac to pre face lift car

i cant seem to find enough plugs

many thanks

what are you missing? AFAIK it just plugs in.
rs6 hib

Well I have a fl havoc
But a pre fl car
And none of the plugs seem to match

Does it have it own loom or is it part of main loom

pics of the plugs? I've never looked too closely, but when doing the FL conversion AFAIK it just plugs right in. You need to add a wire for illumination, and you need to route the wiring for the heated rear screen down to it.

As Aragorn says, it's pretty much plug and play for the hvac controls and you need to do minor wiring for the demister

I did mine a few weeks ago and was straight forward apart from the fog lights
rs6 hib

Thanks guys I will have another look then may take some photos  my car is completely stripped but I can't find them at the moment

i have a custom retrofit foglight loom and relay for sale i made. just plugs into existing plugs with spade connectors and then the facelift foglight switches.

see here...

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