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Are R888's the only track tyre worth considering??

I'm going to change to Semi slicks on the S4 soon as it will only be used for track days and fair weather weekend blasts - are the R888 the only tyre worth considering or can anyone recommend good alternatives??

Cant comment on any other tyres other than the above and yoko 048's.

048's were on an exige so not really comparible.

The 888's were on my S4 and I couldnt get them to spin up dumping the clutch at 5/6k. Handled seriously well in the dry when I used them. A little more noise than normal road tyres but nothing unexpected.

Hankook RS2, R888 Toyo, R1R Toyo, Kumho V70A.  If it is dry track only then R888 or V70A.  If you expect to drive in the road and in the wet then RS2 or R1R.

maxxis tyres had a 888 copy on their stand i remember seeing them at the autosport show, might be cheaper than toyo

Michelin Pilot Cup's, as used on M3 CSL, Porsche GT3 RS to name but a few.  

888's are shit the only 2 tyres worth considering on track are:

Yoko AO48R's  or Dunlop DZ03G.

They have sidewalls like a slick and have that crisp tight turn in feel that you get with slicks. I raced on 888's last year and they are very disapointing. Forum Index -> Motorsport
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