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ASBO goes on holiday

Full write up, proper pics and in-car vids to come when I get a chance ... but for now, I'll just leave these here ...


Brilliant. Missus smiling is a good sign!

Ok bit of a write up but am using Gemmas piepad so apologies if its pie'd

So, trip began fri eve with a late night chunnel to Brugges to stay in a etap!but we lucked out and got the disabled room so its huge!

Sat am drove to Brussels for breakfast

Brekki and the Grand Palace done we set off for the ring

We stayed at a lovely 4star hotel about 30miles from the ring in a great wine growing valley with a river running through the middle...hotel was great, outdoor pool for summer!

TF was 5-7so we headed over as i had a Swift booked

As we got closer we realised that whilst it was pissing down with rain, it was starting to we were driving along the home straight of the ring an almight FOG descended to the extend visabioity was almost zero!!

Got to rent4ring and Dale was not confident it would open due to the fog....gave us the briefing anyway

Then the waiting game......

About 10to6, watching the started to clear!!!quick quick quick....race to get paid and into the car

Managed 2wet laps in the Swift before the fog descended again

this was the fog as i came in from my 2nd lap....

So it closed, not to reopen!

Oh well

On to the pistenclause for the obligatory steak on stone

Cant beat it!!!!


Day 2

Ring open all day, got a Swift booked at 12pm, but head down about 11am. Weather is pissing down with rain so expecting it to be we approached i thought, feck it, lets see if we can get ASBO round.....was worried about getting turned away for noise after Nige and Dave got sound checked few weeks back

So, crept forwards towards the gate as quietly as possible (note there is NO quiet when it comes to ASBO)

Gemma puts the Ring card to the barrier, LEDS go from Blue to Green and the woman waves me on!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoooop whoooooop

aSBO gets on the Ring

I was so happy!!

So we did 2 laps back to back, fairly slow due to his noise and the rain, track was very wet and is like ice in some bits and the R8 can get very tail happy in the wet and basically can drive like a Rwd car

But, driving the R8 on a circuit is something else, it just all comes together as one in this car


Like no other car i have driven!

So, 2 laps in the R8 and now time for the Swift

Picked up the swift and the weather just got worse and worse and worse

Did 2 laps in the swift, came in and felt the tyres....stone cold!!

Went out again for the final 2 laps in the swift and fooookin hell did it rain!!!!
See vid below.....mental rain!!!! The car was aquaplaning all over the shop

So did my laps in the ring and then went to see the Castle as not been up there in my previous visits

Wow, its well worth it!!
Amazing views

So, castle done a figured wed have 1 more lap in ASBO if he'd get on

Up to the barrier, put the ticket up, lights go green BUT just as im about to proceed, the womans walkie talki thinking damn, noise meter!! She speaks to someone in german and the. Asks us if we have a camera! As in a go pro etc...phew

Off we this was a final lap, i cared a little less about being so obvious about noise!

So, 4 vids here on board ASBO

My only regret it that i didnt drop the windows a mm or so as this would have turned up the volume ten fold!!!

I think in the 2nd vid you see a Merc AmG estate get a wiggle on

In the 3rd i get a 2nd gear wiggle on just before Brunchen, this was on purpuse for the crowd

And the final vid has a WOT 3rd to 4th for the final straight

And before anyone comments on my driving, it was a very slow lap in the wet with the missus on board....but im certainly not Sonny or Nige but can give it a good go now in the Swift

Enjoy the noise

So, that was my trip

Oh and then the return journey

Managed to find a friend to convoy back with

A 61plate AM VantageS! He was game for fun and we had multiple blats full bore and i saw 170 on the speedo!! He just about kept up...i think the VantageS is about R8 power???? Was suprised just how stable the R8 felt that those speeds thou


So, Ring to Calais in 3:40 with a quick 130euro fuel stop of vPower racing 100 octane...have to say, did 'think' i noticed a difference using this?placebo?

Made it safely on the tunnel

And here are ASBOs enemies...he doesnt have many as everyone else loved him...especially the coach load of teenagers walking trhough the carraige

Oh and on the M20 home i convoyed with a black B7 avant with optics...anyone?

Thanks for reading

Great read and pics, thanks for sharing Dave.  

Excellent Dave!!!

Thanks for sharing with us:) I beg that takes some of the sting out of what happened to you on the SRS trip !

Car sounds awesome on the last video clip  



Great stuff, car sounds superb, lots of nervous drivers there, probably more cos ey saw ASBO behind than anything that had come from the heavens!

Great write up from the best Nurburgring coach I've had. ASBO looks stunning in that photo outside the Pistenklause (black and white one) them seats/wheels and noise are epic. Dave, you've created a monster, I love it.

what no faults

Hi Dave
Hope you are well
You mean you when back and no trouble with flying objects or mechanical
breakdown or even a talking to by the law well done.
great write up.
olly e

really enjoyed reading that,,

Great read, thanks for sharing! Car looks at home on the ring.

Might be my screen but is it trying to lift the rear wheel in picture 2?

Great write-up Dave.... so pleased you got to drive ASBO on the 'ring in all his glory, and a trip without incident is all good!!

The R8 certainly shows it's true colours on track, even in the wet!!  

I want steak on a!

its the only thing that can make me sober haha Forum Index -> Audi R8 quattro
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