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ASBO has a makeover

briefly flirted with the idea of selling him .... heck even agreed a deal to p/x with a B7 !!!

but couldnt do it ... an R8 is just too special, and whilst I can still afford to keep it, I will !

so, I decided it needed some pimping up!

had a day off last monday and whilst the Boiler Engineer was servicing my boiler I managed to spend a fortune !!


Can I just say that is a GOLD MINE


Managed to source 2 items that are UBER rare and will really make ASBO exclusive.

first up.

OEM R8 Rotor wheels .... these are not currently available to order on an R8.  I have seen them on the config for a brief period, but no longer on it.  So there are literally just a handful of R8's in the country (world?!) running these wheels

These were used but mint, no chips, scratches or scuffs at all ..

Tyres - brand new Conti's to the rear ... Pzero's with 6mm up front

Lets just say I got them for a good price

They landed this morning and then had them fit at lunch

Great wheel shop in Milton Keynes .... Atomic Wheels

They are a huge alloy wheel seller, just opened

amazing service ... they actually brought my old wheels to my place of work then gave me a lift back to the workshop to pick up ASBO

Anyway ... just a sneaky peak for now ... as ASBO is getting a full clean on the weekend in prep for the Ring trip


I foooooooking am OVER THE MOON .... they are stunning and really make the car special IMO

the rear dish is to die for

even the new tyres feel better !

next up

OEM R8 Buckets being fit on Weds eve ...

update to follow

they are lovely mate, are they similar to the rs3 wheels?


Good work DK... have to say I LOVE 'EM !!  

Roll on Wednesday, car is going to be very hard for you to let go now!!  

The buckets will top it all off, epic!

damn, that looks GOOOOOOD !!

Looks fantastic, buckets will be the cherry on top.



Love it, the wheels have made it even better.

Love it!

Look great, I am completely converted!!    

Love those rims    

.... what's with that Stasis R 8    is that 1 of the 5 R 8's coming next week  

Thats better, wheels look good. I love the curve on these, especially after seeing them on the Rs5's at the leamington meet.

Looking good DK, got my vote on them mate

Looks good, but for my taste the style is just too similar to the wheels you see on numerous Audi models at the moment.

Different in R8 circles, but otherwise a more common look IMO. Forum Index -> Audi R8 quattro
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