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ASR-ESP operation

After my last track day I was less than impressed with the excess heat in the front brakes.
I have put this down to too much interference from the electronics.
I know that one press of the ASR button knocks a degree of features off and press and hold for more stuff....
Does anyone know the technical run down of this so I know exactly what is on and what is off??

I really want the sports diff on and the rest off but not sure how this will figure...

The manual is quite descriptive and only references EDL, not the sport diff. Logically I would have thought the sport diff would not be affected by turning ESP off.

ESP increases the car's stability. It reduces the tendency to skid and improves the stability and roadholding of the vehicle. ESP detects critical handling situations, such as understeer, oversteer and wheelspin on the driven wheels. It stabilises the vehicle by braking individual wheels or by reducing the engine torque. The indicator lamp  in the instrument cluster starts flashing as soon as the ESP intervenes.

The ESP incorporates the functions of the anti-lock brake system (ABS), the brake assist system, the traction control system (ASR), the electronic differential lock (EDL), the electronic limited slip differential and the dynamic steering*.

Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
ABS prevents the wheels from locking up under braking until the vehicle has reached a virtual standstill. You can continue to steer the vehicle even when the brakes are on full. Keep your foot on the brake pedal and do not pump the brakes. You will feel the brake pedal pulsate while the anti-lock brake system is working.

Brake assist system
The brake assist system can shorten the braking distance. The braking force is automatically boosted if you press the brake pedal quickly in an emergency. You must keep pressing the brake pedal until the danger has passed. On vehicles with adaptive cruise control*, the response of the brake assist system will be more sensitive if you are too close to the vehicle in front.

Traction control system (ASR)
In the event of wheelspin, the traction control system reduces the engine torque to match the amount of grip available. This helps the car to start moving, accelerate or climb a gradient.

Electronic differential lock (EDL) and electronic limited slip differential
When the EDL detects wheelspin, it brakes the spinning wheel and directs the power to the other driven wheel (or wheels on quattro* versions). This function is active up to about 100 km/h.

To prevent the disc brake of the braked wheel from overheating, the EDL cuts out automatically if subjected to excessive loads. The vehicle can still be driven. The EDL will switch on again automatically when the brake has cooled down.

On vehicles with front-wheel drive*, an electronic limited slip differential intervenes when cornering. The brake is automatically applied on the inside front wheel. This minimises understeer and neutralises the car's handling under power to enable precision cornering. The electronic limited slip differential does not intervene in the wet or snow.

Dynamic steering*
On vehicles with dynamic steering*, the ESP can also intervene in the steering to stabilise the vehicle in critical situations.

ASR is turned off with a press of the ESP button. A 3 second push of the ESP button turns ESP off. Forum Index -> Audi S4, S5, RS 5, RS 4 (B8) quattro
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