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Audi 20" Final Edition Alloys !!!!


I'm ready to purchase a set of these final edition alloys for my 2002 Audi S8, but having seen different wheels for sale I have noticed a couple of different numbers, and was curious if anyone could tell me what the difference is before I commit to a set ?

One is advertised as 4E0 601 025 AF33 and the other is 4D0 601 025 AE.

Can I ask what is different with the 'E' and the 'D' in the part number ? Also whats the score with the different letters after the 025 ?

Cheers !

Ricky !

Some are 8.5" wide and they were off a d2 audi s8 and the others are 9" wide and off a d3 audi s8. In other words is a stagered set and the wider alloys are meant to go on the rear...

Cheers mate !!!! Appreciated !!!!

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