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Audi A2 1.6fsi sport

Guys I've had enough of this bloody A2, someone please get it out my way. Feckin thing. I've linked the gumtree ad here because can't be bothered with the gay'ness of photobucket and it's new policy bla bla and I've gotta iron my 'garms' ready for tonight's disco dancing so using another host I e not got time for!

Been a while since I posted on here so if I'm doing anything wrong regarding advertising then shoot me.....after you've bought the  A2  

Any info you want then my mobile/email is on the ad or use this thread and I'll be completely honest with you.

Cheers fellas
....and any birds on here

Plenty of paper work and my Mrs spent near 2k on it couple yr ago but now we've been told the issue is pointing to injectors but we can't be arsed with it tbh and have a 1000 other things going on so it is what it is. Forum Index -> Cars for Sale
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