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Audi a3 3.2 supercharger

Hi guys . Sorry if in wrong area but I haven't a section suitable  I didn't think. Want some advise on performance..

I've got an a3 3.2. I'm thinking of charging it using TRD supercharger kit. Stage3 which puts out 420hp.  

How would this compare against an rs3 for performance. ( I've test drove one of them and would love. But alas I'm not likely to have 30k spare any time soon)

I haven't driven either but Mathias has a 3.2 A3 with a turbo kit, may be worth speaking to him.

The trd kit isn't the strongest Greg Howell had one on his golf r32 and wasn't happy with it I'm sure. There's loads of options for that particular engine you could explore. I ran an hpa 480 kit on mines it was superb Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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