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Audi a8 - door lock problem

Hi all,

Im having some real trouble with my a8 3.7

The battery went dead, now wen i try and open the car nothing happens!!

Nothing on the key fob

And wen i insert the key into
Drivers side lock manually it just doesnt do

I can accsess the boot and have tryed putting jump leads onto battery
And then trying the key manually but still nothing?

Please help! Really need to get into car!!!

Adrian E

Providing external power to the battery via the boot ought to activate the electrics on the car for the remote locking to work properly.  I suspect your door deadlocks are still active, hence why the drivers door won't unlock on the key as without power they won't release.

Do you get any signs of life with external power applied from a jump battery (not just a trickle charger plugged in!)?

I connected it via jump leads to my van battery!

No signs of life! The red light near drivers door pin doesnt flash!

If i could get someone to crawl in through the rear armrest hatch, would i be able to unlock from inside?

Or do you think i should maybe just put a brand new battery on it?

Got into the car, by wiggling the key about forever ib the lock

Must be a bad connection somewhere or something??

Really have no idea!

I guess it would be better

I guess it would be better if you go let a mechanic check the car for you. Anyway, talk about Audi A8, I read from an article that Audi, like most other carmakers, is revealing brand new cars at the Detroit Auto Show. Brand new products include the 2013 A8, with a turbo six-cylinder, and the new Allroad wagon. Article resource: New Audi Allroad and six-cylinder A8 for 2013. Forum Index -> Audi S8 (D2, D3 & D4) quattro
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