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Audi B5S4 Silver 2000 2.7 biturbo

Hello and welcome my listing for my Audi S4 B5 V6 2.7 Bi Turbo.

I have owned this car for just over 2 years and I'm selling due to family circumstances, I have a new bigger car already so I'm in no rush to sell it.
I have absolutely looked after this car meticulously. I am an aircraft engineer by trade and have carried out all the work to this car myself since ownership apart from one or two jobs best left to the professionals. I have receipts of everything since I purchased the car and the previous owners receipts going all the way back to NEW. The car comes with 2 keys, full service history and only has 2 previous owners!!

From 11.2013 to 08.2014 I have a total of over 4000 of receipts covering:

@ 101,500 miles

Timing belt replacement
Timing belt damper
Timing belt tensioner
Timing belt tensioning lever
Water pump
Coolant change
Power steering pump and flid
CV joint gaiters
Re-circulating valves
Aux coolant pump

There is a good pack of paperwork from the previous owner.
Since my ownership I have carried out the work and have receipts for:

Heater matrix unit @ 104,000 (big horrible job DONE)
Oil, oil filter, air filter, cabin filer, fuel filter change @ 103,500
Air con re-charge @ 105,800 (still works perfectly)
Oil change @ 105,000
Oil, oil filter, spark plugs @ 112,500
EBC Discs and EBC redstuff pads all round 500 for parts alone @116,000 (still plenty of life left)
Smoked side indicators
Wheel alignment
Oil, Oil filter, Air filter, Cabin Filter @ 120,000
Rocker cover gaskets
Recirculating valves @ 125,000 (Genuine Audi Updated Items)
Stage 1 MRC remap by the only MRC sister company RCMR in Yeovil (I called MRC to confirm this)
Oil, Oil filter @ 126,500
SID Motorsport EGT sensors (no receipt for this, bought on Ebay but I have pictures)
New Audi revised oil filler cap with built in pressure relief
Oil, Oil filter, Air Filters @ 131,500
Both front ABS sensors @ 131,500
3D number plates
S4 Mats

The car has always been serviced with a good quality fully synthetic oil, and now I use 5W-40 as I have found this to be better suited to older cars.

The car has a set of 18 inch genuine RS4 alloy wheels powder coated, I also have a spare identical wheel with a good tyre, the tyres fitted at the moment are Continental Winter TS810S 235.40.18, (very good condition) also included in this sale are 4x Nitto NT555 235.40.18 ultra high performance summer tyres in very good condition. There is also a genuine complete tool kit in a stowage compartment in the boot with the locking wheel nut.

Everything works as you wold expect it to, and the car feels so good to drive. Suspension is stock, some parts have been replaced and works beautifully. All lamps and interior lights work. The stereo works faultlessly. The power from this engine is incredible. However this car is 17 years old and has stone chips and some slight marks to the paintwork. The interior is in good condition but has wear to the drivers seat bolster and a big scratch on the middle rear seat but is still in tact.

Before the next MOT one of the rear wheel bearings is grumbling so will need to be changed.
It drops a very small amount of water as do many of these cars and the rocker cover gaskets need changing again as they're weeping, again as per these cars.

I have been completely honest with this and I'm not hiding anything. Viewing is highly recommended and a test drive can of course be arranged but please


I will consider a fair offer

Any questions, give me a call

Thank you



Coming, I am just changing nappies!

Ok there are some weird rules on this site. I can't seem to upload pictures, I can't send a PM and I can't edit or delete my post. Nice!


Muzz wrote:
Ok there are some weird rules on this site. I can't seem to upload pictures, I can't send a PM and I can't edit or delete my post. Nice!

upload to photobucket or similar host and copy the IMG code into the thread, click preview before submit if in doubt and see how it looks

OK i have the listing for ebay here if anyone wants to see what it's all about. Please don't use ebay though. If you're genuinely interested give me a call or a text!

Oh ok. This site is on lock-down for new users. It's on ebay anyway.

Indeed, there are some perfectly sensible and reasonable limitations on new users to limit/control spam postings. I'm glad to say.  

And uploading pictures to a hosting site then linking from a  forum post is normal practice. Very few forums I encounter have direct uploads as it potentially uses a lot of storage, which isn't free. Forum Index -> Cars for Sale
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