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Audi D2 S8/A8 Power Different

I had heard that the power different (hp) between S8 and A8 is that the transmission different. the transmission of S8 is stronger that A8 so that why the 30 or 40 hp different.

Is that correct ?


Engines are different between A8 and S8.

A8 32V - 300 hp.
S8 32V - 340 hp.

A8 40V - 310 hp.
S8 40V - 360 hp.

S8 has higher engine rpm (7,000).

S8 transmission has lower (4,11:1) final drive. S8 transmission is not stronger than that of the A8, both have the same torque limit, just the final drive differs. Forum Index -> Audi S8 (D2, D3 & D4) quattro
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