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Audi d2 s8 exhaust advice

My 2000 s8 is going to Tony banks leeds for a custom exhaust. My question is what is best.?? Would a de-cat and a xpipe be beneficial.  I don't want it too loud but just a nice deep rumble rather than a farty raspy sound. Any ideas appreciated.
Adrian E

If the cats are in good order I'd leave them alone - an X pipe would help. I have a Milltek on mine (no longer available new) and it sounds nice.  It's easy to go too far with one of these - after all it's a sporty limo

I took some pics of mine when I was under the car for it's MOT, just for reference.

You can see that the 'X pipe' alternative on the Milltek could be improved!


S8 exhaust

Thanks for the reply. The passenger side cat has been removed as it was rattling. The os one is fine. I'm thinking of having it decatted. I know it could be an issue with mot. But I can get around this. I've got a chance to have it done with a xpipe. Is this a good move?
Adrian E

I would at least want some 300 cell sports cats in there - you could probably pass an MOT with those, although you'd still most likely be in breach of Reg 103 of Construction & Use for fitting unapproved (or no) cats, unless it was registered pre 1/3/01.

Whether to go X or H as per the Milltek depends where you want to move the power band. X gives more top end, H gives more torque and more of a V8 woofle.

I've known people fit X pipes without changing other boxes, just to release a bit more noise.  On a non-standard exhaust it depends on how you drive the car - for me the H probably suits my use of the car better

Re: S8 exhaust

smoothcoupe wrote:
The passenger side cat has been removed as it was rattling.
I had the same problem on mine, in the end I just replaced it, wasn't that expensive.

It's an exchange process, but all they got back was an empty stainless steel shell with a  few scraps of ceramic substrate rattling around inside.  

Mines a very late (built 2002, registered 2003) D2 so it just wasn't worth risking the MOT etc. checks. Though oddly, with an effectively "gutted" n/s cat it passed anyway!  

Exhaust advice

Hi guys. Just checked, my car is registered March 2000. So I'll probably go for the decat and "H pipe" configuration. Or does anyone have any other suggestions? Like I said before I'm after a nice deep V8 rumble rather than a metallic raspy sound, again not too loud so it does my head in on the motorway runs. Thanks
Adrian E

You basically want to copy the Milltek config then - it sounds nice without being too 'nascar' sounding

I did this video clip some time ago and the quality isn't great, but gives you an idea:

Ref cats - they're a requirement from 1993 onwards, but there's no need to have a type approved replacement cat (ie marked with an E mark) so you can get away with sports cats.

I wouldn't go for a full decat personally - but that's because of my job.....

Exhaust advice

Adrian I just listened to your clip. It sounds beautiful.  Can you tell me exactly the configuration of the exhaust ie,  no. Of silencers etc. What does it sound like everyday driving sat in traffic etc and on motorway etc. Again lovely sound pal. Can you post me your number so I can give you a bell cheers.
Adrian E


It's probably a little tricky to tell from the pics, but it's basically cats back with 2 silencers.  The Milltek system included the H sections as 2 parts then everything you can see in the pics behind that.

They stopped making them 2-3 years ago and last time I checked they had no plans to make more unless about 8-10 people were prepared to stump up for them to do a batch.  The cost when they were available was 1k!  Previous owner paid for mine lol

It sounds nice on startup and at idle - enough of a burble that it can't be mistaken for anything other than a V8.  Fruity on acceleration but never boomy or intrusive.  I test drove an E39 530i Sport before I bought my S8 and in noise terms it's probably quite similar in terms of how much gets into the cabin.  Might be a little quiet for tunnel runs!  I've been down the A3 through Hindhead tunnel with an RS4 and R8 (Capristo IIRC) and mine was well and truly drowned out lol.

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