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Audi Driver International Saturday 10th October 2009

What a day we had! Over 40 cars on the AudiSRS stand, £650 raised for Leukaemia research and another Gold Award.

The day started off bright and sunny and just continued that way. With good promotion for the charity rides and the charity raffle, we were kept busy with both. Thanks everyone who took a charity ride or bought raffle tickets. It was a huge success and something we plan to do each year.

The event was very well attended and seems to get bigger each year. The track sessions were especially busy and itís nice to see the cars being used to their full potential, and sometimes a little beyond.

The evening awards dinner was busier than ever before, perhaps thanks to a bloke called Allan McNish? AudiSRS was proud to receive another Gold Award for Communication †Thank you everyone who voted for us, we plan to keep growing the forum and its events an charity activities in the coming year.

Sorry the text was late coming †

So this is the date for this year?

Doh! Will edit.


And there was me telling the Mrs to keep that date free

This year will be Saturday 9th Oct (2010) Forum Index -> AudiSRS News
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