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kadett 244

Audi meet Ireland

I don't know if there is many on here from Ireland but seeing as this place is fond on the B5's I thought I'd inform you of the meet I'm organising.

It's going to be beside Lough Ennel near Mullingar. It's about 30 minutes from Dublin so fairly central to everywhere.

The best thing is the list of cars already down to come though! Five B5 S4's, two B5 TQS's and a host of other machinery

So if you're on the island and free on the 13th of September, call down for the spin. It's a really picturesque spot and me and a couple of lads there are handy with cameras so there will be plenty of pictures taken.

List so far:
1. kadett 244: B5 1.8tqs
2. static.murph: Noggy B5 S4
3. GazC: Imola B5 S4
4. Vinny*Gti: TT conv 300bhp
5. Mossey: B5 1.8tqs
6. koblih22: A4 B6 BEX
7. Shaunie: a3 1.8t
8. mik_da_man: B7 RS4
9. Jaffa: 8L S3 300bhp
10. Eirequattro: B5 S4
11. IrishDave: S3 8l Moneypit.
12. Anders: 8L S3 3**bhp+++
13. Shane B5 TDI quattro 70wbhp
14. J-GTI: Noggy B5 S4
15. S3 Glenn: 8L S3
16. Georgina: B5 S4 Forum Index -> Events & Gatherings
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