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Audi S4 B5 PFL

Audi S4 B5 Quattro

Here we have the sale of my lovely pre face lift Audi s4 b5

Before you read further I don't want any time wasters or tyre kickers or test drivers for a genuine lovely example Audi s4, which is rare these days.

Please read thoroughly it has had no expense spared.

Previous to me the car has had cambelt done 20k ago and had a service just before I took ownership all receipts of work and parts to prove along with others and a stamped service book too

I got the car back in July/August time as I fancied another s4 I looked high and low to try and get a non tampered one,
I didn't want one that had been ragged with a horsepower figure only Einstein could create.

Shortly after purchase I got round to the couple of niggly bits the car needed which was rear discs/pads and one top arm needed doing,
so I replaced the rear discs and pads and I also replaced the front discs and pads for brand new items in doing this I also bled the whole brake fluid system for liqui moly dot 5.1 high boiling fluid and I replaced the fluid resovoir as it didn't look pretty.

Instead of replacing just one top arm I replaced all top arms as well on both sides aswell in the process I ordered and fitted brand new AP coilovers at the same time, now the car felt and braked how an s4 should, the previous owner had put 4 new budget tyres on there, so off they came and replaced with 4 brand new Avon zz5 tyres.

I returned back from a 1100 mile road trip to spa and Nurburgring where the car astounded me pulling hard in every gear never missing a beat and returning home chuffed I'd bought a good car, in fact the car pulls so well me and friends thought it was mapped to stage one

I booked the car in at the famous MRC tuning for a health check and rolling road where the car was found to have not one single issue and it made standard figures of 265hp and 453nm of torque. Graph and receipt for proof.

The car also passed its MOT on Thursday with flying colours and not one single advisory.

Now some will be sat there thinking why do all that and sell it in a short space of time there must be something dodgy etc etc, nope nothing dodgy all genuine but as some of you will know houses and renovating them get very expensive so the car which is usually only driven once a week needs to go, much to the wife's liking and not to mine unfortunately.

Right onto the spec and few mods the car has

134k miles
X2 keys
Log book present
Aircon freshly regassed too
Full black leather interior with no bolster rips or wear also heated too
Climate control
clutch does not slip and bite point is where it should be

Post decat's removed
Xs power cat back system
18inch s4 b6 alloys
Piper cross panel filter
New AP coilovers
4 2k old Avon zz5 tyres
New front and rear discs and pads
High boil 5.1 brake fluid
New diverter valves 710n's
New y piece as there prone to cracking
New vacuum lines
Not installed but come with the car is full creation Motorsport boost hose kit

Right now there is 3 bad bits but they are nothing major

The original stereo volume button is temprmental but anyone who knows these cars this is very common

Pixels in dash have lines but are still readable which is better than most

The passenger door won't lock or unlock on the key but it will do if you put key in the door, I'm sure it's to do with the vacuum system, all other doors and boot lock/unlock on the key.

Few stones chips on the bonnet which is a good thing shows it is original and hasn't been resprayed due to a accident.

The car really is in a good condition inside and out the mechanical side of it is superb aswell, I do have a full quote from MRC for stage 2 with flat shift and launch control, so anyone looking to take this car to the next step can do so with ease and piece of mind.

There is only a couple of pics if you wish to have more or any videos sent please email me at or phone, text or whatsapp me on 07887 531034 Jonny

based in hertfordshire near hitchin

I am open to offers close to the mark worst case try me

Please only genuine buyers no test drives without proof of insurance don't waste my time and I won't waste yours thanks

im not a chancer on this forum with one post i just dont know my old account details i have been on here from about 2011


A lot of car for not a lot of money

Looks a nice motor mate glws

Lovely car mate good luck. If anyone buys this i have a standard headunit in perfect working order with the code 80 👍🏻

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