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Audi s4 b8 ADS front strut replacement ? Advice required

Evening chaps

I've had a slight knocking from n/s/f when going over pot holes or just generally driving over last couple of months, I took my car to be looked at the local Audi specialist a month or so ago and all bushes were checked and everything appeared to be ok but was told to allow the knocking to develop a little more so the bush/part needed was more obvious to locate.

The knocking has got a little worse and today took it for further inspection and was again told all links,arms and bushes were all ok and the only place the slight knocking could be coming from would be the shocker its self......

I'm not overly convinced tbh because u can kinda feel the play in the steering when going up a kerb and back down it to test it.

The question I have is has anyone else had a similar problem and if so what was it ?
If it was the shocker (8K0-413-029) think this is the part number, where would you be able to purchase one as I'm finding it difficult to find one.

Sorry to waffle on but I'm not wanting to get a shocker replaced when it's a drop link or wishbone bush or something cheap to replace.

Thanks chaps

Have the top mount bushes been checked? A weak spot due to the camber arms according to Shark Performance in a Performance Audi article.
Adrian E

Most garages with wheels free vehicle lifts will fail to accurately diagnose a worn/knocking suspension joint, as you need load on the car to have the suspension in the right position and a way to generate some movement.

Best place to do that is at an MOT garage as they have shaker plates to move the car side to side and check for bush deterioration.  If you're friendly with your local tester just ask if they can check the suspension over and see if there's an obvious location for a developing fault.

Cheers guys, I did ask if he had checked top mounts and apparently everything was checked.....
Will have to take it somewhere else to get a second opinion, just been quoted 325 for replacement strut. Forum Index -> Audi S4, S5, RS 5, RS 4 (B8) quattro
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