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Audi S6 5.2 V10 - tunning

Hi guys new to the forum.. looking to increase the BHP on the my car which is currently running stock... thinking about changing exhaust and remapping any recommendation for tuners in Scotland (Lothians/Fife/West). Cant decide between a magnaflow or Milltek exhaust please
Marc R

Dont do it...waste of money....tried this on my S8 V10...wasted a few k....

Options seem to be limited but helping the breathing has always been a good starting point so running K&Ns in the standard boxes and a Milltek cat back on mine.
Happy enough with how it runs and it always gets comments for how it sounds.
Remap increases are limited due to being normally aspirated and although I keep thinking about it the cost to get it done by a well established tuner makes justifying the small increase difficult. There are cheaper options but balancing against a cheap map and a damaged engine is a no brainer.

Plenty of youtube vids of both systems to let you decide on noise etc all I will say is that the non resonated Milltek is not that noisy for long journeys, you know it is there when cruising but only just.

Enjoy it whatever way you go.


We went from stock to decated 4 of them out .
104-5 mph trap speed 1/4 mile to 109 without cats that is about 40 hp and 40-5 lbs of torque its a big jump in power with a 3 inch exhaust and a good tune this cars can do easy 112 mph that is a fast sedan . Hope this help you.

I have a couple of K&N filters in excellent condition if your interested?

Stock picture

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